Council in Yorkshire ‘has not paid for gas for about 17 years’

Beverley Town Council soon have to pay for gas it has received since 2004

A local council in East Riding, Yorkshire hasn’t paid for its gas supply for 18 years!

Beverley Town Council has launched an investigation as to why it does not have a gas supplier “despite using and receiving gas since 2004.”

Northern Gas Networks has confirmed that there “has never been a registered gas supply.”

Councillor Denis Healy said: “In mid-November 2021, the gas boiler situated at the Town Council offices at 12 Well Lane, Beverley stopped working, and in attempting to resolve this technical issue, it became clear to the Acting Town Clerk that the council does not have a gas supplier, despite using and receiving gas since 2004.

The Acting Town Clerk has been in contact with the gas distribution company, Northern Gas Networks (NGN) who have confirmed that there has never been a registered gas supply to 12 Well Lane. The property lease for 12 Well Lane states that utility supplies are the responsibility of the tenant.

“NGN has reminded the council that it is a legal requirement to register a gas supply in accordance with the Gas Act 1986 and that this legislation instructs NGN to recover monies lost from unregistered gas usage.

“NGN has confirmed that they will use standard rates provided to them by the gas regulator, Ofgem, to calculate a back payment going back to 2004 for unpaid for gas.

“NGN has also instructed the council to take immediate steps to appoint a gas supplier, a process which the Acting Town Clerk has in hand and at the time of writing is awaiting correspondence from British Gas to resolve the matter.”

Joanna Ferguson, Head of Market Services and Regulatory Compliance for NGN, told ELN: “Beverley Town Council identified the issue with the property to us and the council is in the process of registering the meter with a supplier.

“When this process is complete, we will continue to work with them to reach an agreed mutual position on the final payment, which is calculated according to standard industry charges for a property of this type.”

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