US to resume environmental cleanup of toxic waste at ETEC Center

The ETEC Center was a former nuclear and liquid metals research site and needs to be decontaminated to minimise environmental risks

Finnish firms join forces for safe management of Chinese radioactive waste

Around 20 new reactors are expected to be added in the East Asian country by 2020

Sellafield trials new system for mapping radioactive hotspots

It promises to transform the decommissioning of the redundant nuclear plant

Nuclear waste could be stored under national parks, say MPs

They believe the safe disposal of nuclear waste is more important than environmental concerns

A fruity red with good balance, long, dry finish and cesium-137 overtones

Researchers say 2011’s Fukushima meltdown left traces of radioactive material in California’s wines

Muons could help slash nuclear cleanup costs – but what are they?

Scientists say they can be used to help easily test for the presence of uranium

Could AI robots soon inspect radioactive nuclear sites?

Computer scientists are developing a dedicated bimanual robot arm which will be mounted on a mobile platform

Wood Group wins French nuclear decommissioning work

An engineering and technical services firm has been awarded a waste recovery contract by the French Government’s nuclear agency. Wood Group will work to recover and package low-level radioactive waste from a storage silo at a major nuclear site in France at the request of the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA). It […]

Sellafield Ltd combs beaches for radioactive junk

Sellafield Ltd found nearly 3,000 radioactive objects on the beaches surrounding the decommissioning facility between 2006 and 2016. It monitored a total beach area of almost 1,900 hectares, to make sure discharges of radioactive waste from nuclear sites are being properly controlled and their effects on people and the environment are minimised. A vehicle-mounted detector […]

Removal of last fuel elements from Scottish reactor

Work is underway to remove the remaining radioactive fuel elements that have been stuck for decades inside the Dounreay Fast Reactor (DFR). The experimental dome-shaped nuclear reactor in Scotland once led the world in fast breeder technology and after its closure in 1977, most of the core fuel was removed. However, work came to a […]