Are prices moderating or just a part of the current volatility?

In this week’s European energy market podcast we talk to Alfa Energy’s Dr Petra Puskarova about volatility in energy prices while gas prices remain high.

European energy buyers must act now on temporary schemes

Non-commodity costs – reviewed, reduced, removed

The impact on energy prices and security of supply as we transition to a lower carbon economy

In this week’s European energy market podcast we look at the impact of renewables on security of supply, the dependence of fossil fuels remaining due to this, and the impact on energy prices due to both as we transition to a lower carbon economy.

Significant moves in energy prices

As prices make a significant hike, Jason Durden Head of Energy Markets and Risk Management at Alfa explains why and what to expect, particularly since supplies are seemingly comfortable.

Security of supply across Europe demands a levelling of prices – who will benefit?

In this week’s review of energy market activity across Europe we look at security of supply for gas and power and flexibility as Germany begins major phase out of nuclear and coal power generation, and what that means of energy prices across Europe as we transition to a lower carbon economy.

Good news on gas for European energy buyers

As demand for electricity and gas suggests economic recovery is underway, and gas supplies present opportunities for end users, we look ahead to the summer season for electricity and gas prices and the impact of market mechanism and generation shifts that are looming, as they are set to impact the prices and procurement strategies companies operating across Europe may need to consider.

Carbon volatility drives energy prices across Europe, but is there opportunity for energy users on flexible contracts?

For European energy commodity markets and the impact on business end user energy prices, carbon markets are lively! Is it a bullish market, carbon surrender compliance, or a combination of these factors?

Gas and Power prices see a challenging start to summer

A lack of harmony in market operations is to be questioned. Where is the regulator?

Managing European Non-Commodity Costs (NCCs)

Why are NCCs increasing across Europe and what can a business do to manage and mitigate them?

Is LNG the saviour of European gas when the cooling season heats up demand?

Our latest European Market podcast on electricity and gas commodity prices sees gas demand and supply major in that commodity and carbon remains an issue for power.