Insect farming can help restore the Amazon Rainforest, says expert

In this week’s Net Hero Podcast, we spoke to Larry Kotch, Co-founder of insect farming company, Flybox who told us that insects can help with the global waste problem

Net Hero Podcast – Insects: Nature’s waste warriors!

This week I explore how maggots can help your business cut waste and make money!

Port of Middlesbrough welcomes first shipment of recyclable fuel pellets

AV Dawson, owner of the Port of Middlesbrough, has received its first international shipment of renewable energy cargo

Switzerland can save 4m tonnes of carbon each year

A partnership has been signed to decarbonise waste-to-energy plants in Switzerland

US sees decline in waste-to-energy capacity since 1994

Electricity generating capacity from energy recovery plants averaged around 2,219MW for 24 years before the fall

Scots to set moratorium on waste-to-energy incinerators

The Scottish Government has said no further planning permission for incineration facilities should be granted by councils

EA ‘minded to’ issue permit for new waste-to-energy plant in Westbury

It has launched a new consultation and is seeking comments from interested parties by 22nd April 2022

Each person ‘generated waste equal to the weight of a camel’

Europe produced 225.7 million tonnes of municipal waste in 2020, according to new research

Leeds greenlights £7.2m district heating extension

The scheme uses heat recovered from the waste of 10,700 homes

Government pours £220m into decarbonisation of major emitting industries

The scheme will fund innovative green projects that will help businesses cut carbon and energy costs