Aldi wipes plastic packaging off its toilet paper shelves

The supermarket chain says swapping plastic packaging on loo roll with paper could save 935 tonnes of plastic across the UK each year, if adopted on a national basis

The Big Zero report

Aldi has announced it is to trial the removal of plastic packaging from its toilet roll.

Starting from next month, the supermarket chain will initially launch the test across 174 stores in the North East and the Midlands, with other locations to follow if it proves a success.

The brand expects swapping the non-recyclable plastic outer wrap with paper could save 935 tonnes of plastic across the UK each year if adopted on a national basis.

It notes the paper packaging could also be used to wrap its kitchen towels.

Fritz Walleczek, UK Managing Director of Corporate Responsibility,said: “Wherever we can find plastic packaging that can be removed or replaced with recyclable alternatives, we are determined to do just that.

“From taking shrink-wrap off vegetables to introducing paper and compostable bags, we are committed to ensuring that our packaging doesn’t end up as waste.”

Aldi is also extending a trial to eliminate the use of plastic packaging for some fresh vegetables at its stores in England and launching a new carrier bags trial at 830 stores across the UK in an effort to reduce plastic use.

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