ENA brings more flexibility to the grid with contract update

A new contract aims to offer more liquidity in local markets and bring energy bills down

Big Zero Report 2022

The Energy Networks Association (ENA) has updated its standardised flexibility contract used across the energy sector to offer more transparency and increase accessibility.

The flexibility procurement contract provides a consistent agreement across the country for those wishing to provide flexibility services to the networks.

First announced in April 2020, the standard contract was created with input from distribution network operators (DNOs) and National Grid ESO.

The key updates, which were announced today by the industry body, are designed to offer more transparency, unlock liquidity in local markets and reduce energy bills in the long term.

It hopes to make the core contract simpler and make the whole process more accessible to aggregators.

The new contract has been developed after views that have been received from industry leaders, including Ofgem and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

Farina Farrier, Head of Open Networks Project at ENA, commented: “The UK is already a world leader when it comes to energy flexibility and as part of the UK’s commitment to net zero, the whole of the energy industry is behind making it easier and more accessible to work with network operators.”

Alex Howison, Flexible Solutions Manager at Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks, said: “Flexibility is critical for enabling the UK to reach net zero and is vital to help customers get the most from new technologies while helping networks to manage their systems better and plan investment.”

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