Is COP26 running short of EV chargers?

Glasgow has reportedly fewer than 250 EV charging points to meet the soaring demand during the 26th UN Climate Change Conference

As all eyes turn to Glasgow and COP26 that will officially begin later this week, world leaders and delegates of the climate conference might find themselves struggling to charge their electric vehicles (EVs).

World leaders will be provided with EVs for their stay at the 26th UN Climate Change Conference.

However, according to the Daily Mail, there are fewer than 250 charging points in Glasgow – that translates to around one for every 23 of these cars.

Demand for charging infrastructure is predicted to increase as an extra 250 Jaguar Land Rover is expected to be offered to high-profile delegates.

The report forecasts that organisers will need to arrange the shipment of massive generators to provide energy.

Sources say that where generators are required for charging EVs, these will run on recycled cooking oil derived from waste products.

A COP26 spokesperson told ELN: “Sustainability will be at the core of COP26. The UK will be offsetting all carbon emissions associated with running the event.

“COP26 will be a carbon-neutral event and we will be the first COP to achieve validation using the PAS2060 international standard on carbon-neutrality.”

Under current plans, sales of new petrol and diesel cars will be banned from 2030.

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