UK energy networks’ strong ambitions for 2022

Led by ENA, the networks are looking to work more collaboratively to improve flexibility and push for decarbonisation

The UK’s energy networks have announced ambitious plans for the year to enable the net zero transition.

Led by Energy Networks Association (ENA), the plans prioritise flexibility and the drive for decarbonisation.

Stakeholders, partners and industry have been involved with the process to ensure targets are ambitious while also being achievable for the distribution network operators (DNOs).

The aim is for a common framework to be delivered in 2022 for flexibility services, with a more collaborative approach across industry in governance and making this happen.

Focus will also be put on DNOs’ work across the whole energy system, working alongside ENA’s ‘Gas Goes Green’ project, Ofgem, the government and industry.

Farina Farrier, Head of Open Networks at ENA, said: “This is an ambitious and essential body of work to progress the transition, with 24 extensive products across six workstreams.

“With around 3GW of flexibility available for tender in Great Britain in 2021, the programme’s work has helped the UK to establish world leading local flexibility markets and in 2022 we aim to deliver key actions from the government’s ‘Smart Systems and Flexibility Plan’.

“It will be another busy but productive year as we get a step closer to the government’s 2035 clean energy source target for UK’s electricity and the ultimate goal of net zero – we look forward to rising to the challenge.”

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