Africa chasing the wind from as high as it gets!

A 144 metre-tall wind turbine was built in Morocco

Wind power generation in Africa is set to reach new heights after the installation of what is described as the continent’s tallest wind turbine.

The 144 metre-tall wind turbine does not use typical large cranes which are normally seen on conventional wind turbine installations.

Thanks to the extra height coming from its tower, the wind turbine is forecast to produce around 2.500MWh extra a year.

That translates to the energy consumption of 2,000 people in Morocco.

It is also predicted the innovative pile foundation implemented in the project will cut the carbon footprint of the turbine by 70%.

The tower used around 80 cubic metres of concrete and ten tonnes of steel. 

That compares to nearly 500 cubic metres of concrete and 60 tonnes of steel a normal foundation would have required.

The installation follows a partnership between Spanish manufacturer Nabrawind and French developer InnoVent.

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