“Seizure of Ukraine’s nuclear is dangerous”

The Chair of IEEE Ukraine Section spoke to ELN about the importance of Ukraine’s grid synchronisation with Europe

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The Russian capture of Ukraine’s nuclear plants is dangerous.

That’s the suggestion by Eugene Pichkalov, Chair of the non-profit organisation IEEE Ukraine Section who spoke to ELN about Ukraine’s energy system which is under attack since 24th February.

Mr Pichkalov said: “In Mariupol, there is a big tragedy because Russians bomb civilians and children. They also destroy our infrastructure, energy and water systems, so this is a very difficult situation for all of us.

Russians have captured two nuclear power stations. Both these situations are really dangerous, they do not allow Ukrainian engineers to connect with the local staff of the stations, they also destroy communication lines to the sensors.”

A few hours ago, it was officially confirmed that Ukraine’s electricity grid was successfully synchronised with the European grid.

Commenting on the latest developments, he added: “It is very important as now the energy system can be regulated and operated with stability. It will also give more confidence to our engineers.”

Watch the video to listen to the entire interview.

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