UK supercharges Ukrainian energy sector with additional £5m package

Safety and security equipment for nuclear sites will be sent to Ukraine

IAEA sends equipment to Ukraine to safely run nuclear plants

Radiation measurement devices and power supply systems will be sent to support the secure operation of the country’s nuclear facilities

Chernobyl nuclear plant staff ‘stole fuel from Russians to prevent catastrophic incident’

Officials at the station reportedly confirmed drone footage released by Ukrainian military showed Russian troops dug trenches and stayed there, the BBC reported

Russian troops leave Chernobyl nuclear power plant site

Ukraine informed the International Atomic Energy Agency, in writing, that Russia had transferred control of the nuclear plant to Ukrainian personnel and moved two convoy of troops towards Belarus

Head of UN’s nuclear watchdog arrives in Ukraine

The boss of the IAEA has said that action is needed to avoid the risk of a nuclear accident

Rest of Ukraine’s Chernobyl nuclear plant technical staff leave Russian-controlled site

A total of 13 workers who have been onsite for nearly four weeks declined to rotate

Nearly half of Ukraine’s Chernobyl nuclear plant workers allowed to leave site

Staff had been working at the Russian-controlled facility for nearly four weeks – or around 600 hours – without being able to change shifts

“Ukraine has now its own energy airbag”

The synchronisation of the Ukrainian grid with Europe is a key step towards energy independence from Russia, DTEK Chief has said

“Seizure of Ukraine’s nuclear is dangerous”

The Chair of IEEE Ukraine Section spoke to ELN about the importance of Ukraine’s grid synchronisation with Europe

Chernobyl nuclear plant power line ‘damaged again by Russian forces’

A power line that supplies power to the nuclear power plant has allegedly been damaged after being repaired