Grant Shapps not supporting ‘vast increase’ in onshore wind farms

The Transport Secretary has revealed he sees more promise in nuclear and offshore wind

Big Zero Report 2022

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has stated he doesn’t favour a ‘vast increase’ in onshore wind farms, as the government looks to reveal its energy security strategy.

Reports have surfaced that Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng is looking to double onshore wind power by 2030 and treble it by 2035.

However, during an interview with Sky News, Mr Shapps said: “I don’t favour a vast increase in onshore wind farms, for pretty obvious reasons – they sit on the hills there and can create something of an eyesore for communities as well as actual problems of noise as well.

“So, I think for reasons of environmental protection, the way to go with this is largely, not entirely, but largely off-sea.”

Onshore wind has had its critics due to the damaging visual impact it can have on local communities, however, the government reiterated that any decisions to develop onshore wind “will always be subject to consent from local authorities.”

The strategy is expected to outline the technologies the UK is looking to invest in and develop throughout the coming decades to meet net zero aims and bolster domestic renewable energy production in light of high energy export prices.

In relation to onshore wind, the Transport Secretary explained: “My thinking is what you really want to do is develop in other ways – nuclear, we will have offshore wind. I don’t think you want a huge expansion of onshore wind.

“There may be cases where it makes sense but I think by and large we’ve established… that offshore works very well. And by the way, it’s providing quite a lot of our electricity already.”

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