Ofgem’s Centralised Switching Service launches today

Companies are required to complete switching within five working days

Big Zero Report 2022

Today is the first day for Ofgem‘s Centralised Switching Service (CSS).

The new scheme requires suppliers to ensure switching is completed within five working days.

It is hoped to shorten and make the whole switching process easier for domestic and non-domestic customers, compared to the current 21 working days.

However, critics are concerned about the timing of its introduction.

They believe that in the event of significant wholesale price change the new switching rules might not be able to cope with high volumes of switches and cancellations.

However, Ofgem has maintained that the new framework is robust and could deal with potential increased number of switches.

Analysts from consultancy Cornwall Insight have said: “While Ofgem also considers the new system will increase the competitive incentive for suppliers, the go-live date is coming at a time when high prices are having a severely limiting effect on switching rates and intervention from the regulator aimed at addressing wholesale volatility will reduce switching rates when commodity costs fall.”

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