“Rishi, Liz and Boris make a collective decision on energy bills now”

Money Saving Expert Founder says the decision cannot wait until the new Prime Minister is elected

Big Zero Report 2022

The “ghost government” needs to make decisions now on further support for households amid the cost of living crisis.

Speaking on the BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, the Founder of Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis said: “The formal announcement of the price cap will be toward the end of August. As soon as that happens, that will crystalise companies’ policies and they will start communicating to customers about a direct debit rise.

“A £100 direct debit will go to roughly £177; a £200 direct debit will go to roughly £350. People will be panicking, it will be desperate, they are already panicking right now.”

He said the 5th of September when the new Prime Minister will be selected it will be too late for decisions on energy bills.

The latest forecast is that bills could reach £500 a month in January.

Martin Lewis added: “Rishi Sunak, Liz Truss, Boris Johnson please go and sit in a room together, make a collective decision now of what help you can give and make an announcement to stop the mental health damage. This is coming across the country; we cannot wait till the 5th of October. There needs to be action.”

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