Who let the dogs out? National Grid did

A four-legged canine-inspired robot has helped National Grid with maintenance work at its interconnectors

Dog days are over for the UK’s interconnectors as National Grid deploys four-legged technology to inspect them!

The company has completed a trial using a robot to help its engineers with routine asset maintenance and fault detection across its UK interconnector converter, including North Sea Link in Blyth.

The robot, which is the size of a Labrador, uses thermal and acoustic imaging technology to search for potential issues with equipment.

The machines are able to access areas human engineers can’t while the asset is operational – potentially reducing outage times and improving the asset availability and safety for engineers.

A few days ago, National Grid said its interconnectors had their busiest January on record, with an estimated 2.6TWh of power transported across five cables between the UK and other countries.

National Grid Interconnectors Operations Director Jon Davies said: “This trial has given us the chance to see whether using robots like this could be part of our maintenance programme in the future.”

Marek Matuszewski, Manager Roboverse Reply, said: “These robots are able to capture data more accurately and regularly than humans, thanks to sensors with thermal vision or acoustic camera that allow for early detection of issues.”

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