National Grid switches on Statkraft’s Green Park

The project in Liverpool is now up and running providing inertia to the UK’s grid

Renewable power generator, Statkraft has announced its Lister Drive Greener Grid Park in Liverpool is now supplying inertia to the national grid.

The project is designed to replace traditional coal or gas-powered turbines by delivering inertia to the system, boosting stability in the electricity system without producing carbon dioxide emissions.

It also enables more renewable energy such as wind and solar generation to be utilised on the grid, helping National Grid ESO achieve its ambitions of operating the electricity system without fossil fuels by 2025.

The switch-on comes a year after Statkraft started operating its Greener Grid Park in Keith, Moray, the first of its kind to deliver stability services to the GB Grid and part of National Grid ESO’s Stability Pathfinder Phase 1 scheme.

Statkraft’s UK Managing Director, Kevin O’Donovan, said: “Our Greener Grid Parks are a vital part of the energy transition, so it’s an important milestone that Lister Drive is now operational.

“Greener Grid Parks are critical to ensuring our electricity infrastructure is fit for the challenges of the future.”

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