Centrica invites community groups to apply for £100k social impact grants

The owner of British Gas is offering grants to groups in the North West, encouraging sustainable and accessible energy solutions for local communities

Centrica is inviting applications from community groups and social enterprises in the North West for grants of up to £100,000 through its Energy for Tomorrow (EfT) social impact fund.

The scheme was launched in 2007 to support the UK’s transition to net zero.

The fund aims to encourage the development of affordable, accessible and sustainable energy solutions for everyone within local communities.

Non-profits, charities, and other organisations in the region can apply for funding until Wednesday 5th April and successful applicants will receive financial and business management support to advance their projects.

A panel of senior judges will select up to six projects from a shortlist of ten, with more than £4 million having been awarded to more than 25 initiatives across the UK since the fund’s inception.

The EfT fund generates revenue from feed-in tariffs of solar panels installed by British Gas on more than 250 schools nationwide.

It is estimated that the solar panels have saved each school almost £2,500 per year, collectively offsetting just over 13,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

According to Sarah Wright, the EfT Programme Manager, the fund aims to support communities in the North West and the rest of the UK while creating sustainable solutions that help achieve net zero.

Ms Wright stated that she is excited to see the initiatives that come forward in this round of applications and to support their efforts to help those most in need in these difficult times.

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