Rishi Sunak backs Wales to lead UK energy switch

The Prime Minister has said long-term solutions cannot rely on quick fixes and has highlighted the need for more domestic energy production

The Prime Minister is supporting Wales to lead the UK’s transition to renewable energy sources.

This is part of a two-day visit during which it was announced that two areas of Wales have been named as freeports.

It is hoped these freeports will create 20,000 new jobs over the next seven years with a focus on renewable energy.

Speaking to reporters, Rishi Sunak said: “We recognise things are difficult and that’s why we can’t just have sticking plaster solutions long term. We’ve got to have more energy produced here at home. More energy security. That’s why I created a brand new Department for Energy Security and Net Zero.

“That’s why we need to invest in nuclear, in offshore wind, in floating offshore wind, new forms of energy. Wales is one of the places where we can do more of this than anywhere else in the UK. It can lead not just our country, but the entire world and help us transition to that cleaner future.”

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