Brits fork out double on electricity bills compared to other Europeans

British households spend an average of 5% of their salary on electricity bills each year, according to a new study

British households spend an average of 5% of their annual salary on electricity bills, according to a new study.

The research, which highlights the rising cost of energy, shows that the figure is more than double the amount spent on electricity bills in several European countries.

The study conducted by Electric Radiators Direct has revealed the extent of the UK’s energy crisis by comparing average electricity bills across 27 European countries.

Researchers found that Brits spend an average of £609 more on their energy bills than most other European countries, with citizens of Norway and Switzerland paying as little as 1% of their salary on electricity bills.

Despite having the 11th highest salary in Europe, the UK also has the fourth highest end-user electricity prices, according to the research.

Italy, Germany, and Denmark are the only countries with higher prices than the UK, averaging at £1,972 a year.

However, the study also highlighted that the average annual salary in Denmark is £56,264, meaning that only 3% of this is spent on electricity bills.

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