British Gas switches off from Energy Switch Guarantee

Switching performance will still be reported quarterly via the Citizen’s Advice Ratings tool, the company said

British Gas has withdrawn from the Energy Switch Guarantee (ESG), a scheme

The ESG is a collection of voluntary commitments that energy suppliers can make to ensure a hassle-free experience for customers when switching suppliers. The promise includes fixing any issues that may arise during the switching process, such as payment errors, at no cost to the customer.

A Centrica spokesperson has confirmed to ELN that the company has exited the ESG.

The company said: “Switching is important to the energy market and we know how much customers appreciate a good switching experience.

“We remain committed to continuing to switch customers quickly, accurately and seamlessly. We are still measured on switching speed as it is a licence requirement and we report switching performance via the Citizen’s Advice Ratings tool.”

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