Taking off to net zero: UK unveils plan to decarbonise aviation in record time

Ministers have revealed a two-year action plan to speed up the production of sustainable aviation fuels and design, manufacture and rollout of zero-emission aircraft

Ministers and aviation chiefs have announced a two-year action plan to accelerate the race to reach jet zero by 2050.

This is part of the government‘s ambitious plans to decarbonise faster than any other G7 country, grow the economy and support hundreds of thousands of well-paid green jobs.

The Jet Zero Council, comprising industry, academic and government leaders, met on 17th April at Farnborough Airport to discuss the plan.

The council aims to expedite the design, manufacture and rollout of zero-emission aircraft and infrastructure at UK airports.

It will also help to accelerate the production of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) by investing millions of pounds in first-of-a-kind SAF plants and supporting crucial scientific research.

The government will work with the aviation industry to explore options for additional revenue certainty for the UK SAF industry.

Mark Harper, the UK’s Transport Secretary, affirmed the government’s unwavering support for the aviation industry. Speaking about the government’s efforts to bolster the industry, he emphasised their commitment to advancing new technologies, promoting sustainable fuels and removing obstacles to progress globally.

Harper also expressed confidence in the industry’s potential to continue delivering significant economic and social benefits, while remaining a vital component of the UK’s sustainable future.

Meanwhile, Emma Gilthorpe, Chief Executive Officer of the Jet Zero Council, hailed the progress made so far in the journey towards decarbonising aviation.

Speaking at the Sustainable Skies conference, Gilthorpe applauded the recent government initiatives aimed at promoting SAF in the UK.

She further noted that the newly launched two-year plan will be instrumental in achieving the council’s objectives of delivering a 10% SAF mix in UK aviation fuel by 2030 and attaining zero-emission transatlantic flights within a generation.

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