UK to power 1.8m homes with ‘world’s biggest’ power line

The government has sealed an agreement during the North Sea Summit to boost energy security

The world’s largest-of-its-kind power line will deliver clean energy to 1.8 million UK homes and improve energy security.

The LionLink power line will connect the UK and the Netherlands, providing enough electricity to power more homes than the combined total of Manchester and Birmingham.

The innovative LionLink will be able to carry more than four times the amount of electricity than its predecessor, and will join the two countries to each other and simultaneously with offshore wind farms in the North Sea.

The project, developed by National Grid Ventures and TenneT, will be operational by the early 2030s, helping to create jobs and strengthening economic security.

The North Sea Summit will see nine countries meet in Ostend to agree on future ambitions for building offshore wind farms, with Energy Security Secretary Grant Shapps leading a British business delegation.

Energy Security Secretary Grant Shapps said: “Today’s historic deal with the Netherlands connects our two countries together through this exciting feat of innovation and engineering – the largest of its kind in the world which will provide enough electricity for more homes than in Manchester and Birmingham combined.”

National Grid Ventures President Ben Wilson said that connecting wind farms to multiple markets simultaneously is a game-changer for energy infrastructure, bringing us one step closer to realising the vast green energy potential of the North Sea.

In addition to deploying every spare electron where it is needed most, this technology can help reduce the impact of infrastructure on coastal communities.

TenneT Chief Executive Officer Manon van Beek expressed the belief that the North Sea powerhouse must rely on offshore hubs configured in a meshed DC grid.

This perspective, which is becoming more widely accepted, is not just a vision of the future but a reality in the making, as evidenced by the groundbreaking LionLink project currently underway.

According to van Beek, this project represents a critical initial step and an exceptional opportunity to learn as the offshore grid develops.

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