UK smashes clean energy milestone: One trillion kWh and counting!

Data from National Grid reveals that it has taken 50 years to reach the milestone

The UK has hit a renewable energy milestone, with one trillion kWh generated.

That’s according to a report by National Grid, which suggests this is equivalent to everyone in the UK watching every James Bond movie 13 times a day, every day for a year.

Data from National Grid analytics reveals it took 50 years to reach the milestone.

Analysts say that the next trillion kWh is projected to be achieved in just over five years.

Records began in 1970 with renewables at 1.9% of total generation, led by hydropower (4.5 TWh). Offshore and onshore wind and solar joined the mix in 2010 with key legislation support.

April saw 46% of the UK’s electricity from zero-carbon sources, setting a new low carbon intensity record.

Ben Wilson, Interim President for National Grid Ventures, has reaffirmed UK’s position as a renewable energy leader.

Mr Wilson said: “Accelerating the delivery of renewable energy must continue to be a priority for a cleaner, more secure and more affordable energy future for everyone, but it requires the right framework to make it happen.

“We are committed to working with the government and our partners to make it a reality.”

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