Scottish Government consults on easier renewable energy installations

The measures aim to make it faster and more affordable for businesses and homeowners to adopt solar panels and heat pumps

The Scottish Government is seeking public input on proposals to simplify the installation of renewable energy technologies for businesses and homeowners.

The measures aim to save time and money by introducing changes to the planning process.

Under the proposed reforms, businesses and homeowners would benefit from streamlined procedures for installing equipment such as solar panels and heat pumps.

This is expected not only to reduce costs but also to contribute to cutting carbon dioxide emissions.

The consultation specifically addresses the removal of the 50kW output limit for solar panels on non-domestic buildings.

The Scottish Government is conducting a phased review of Permitted Development Rights (PDR), which allows certain types of development to proceed without a formal planning application.

The current Phase 3 consultation focuses on PDR for renewable energy installations in both non-domestic and domestic properties.

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