‘Almost six million UK households trapped with unchosen energy suppliers’

These households remain stuck with energy suppliers they didn’t choose due to previous provider bankruptcies, resulting in lower satisfaction rates, according to a report

Almost six million households in the UK are still stuck with an energy supplier they never chose after their previous providers went bust.

That’s according to research from Uswitch, which suggests despite nearly two years passing since the start of the energy crisis, many people remain with the supplier assigned to them by Ofgem when their original provider collapsed.

The crisis caused a slowdown in switching tariffs, leaving consumers locked into standard variable tariffs and facing soaring bills.

A significant difference in satisfaction levels is evident between customers who actively selected their supplier and those who didn’t, analysts have suggested.

Around 64% of customers who made their choice are content with their service, compared to only 52% of those who didn’t pick their current provider, according to the report.

Although the price cap for the average dual-fuel household paying by direct debit is set to decrease to £2,074 from 1st July, this amount still remains high compared to historical levels.

However, it represents a considerable reduction from the current Energy Price Guarantee level of £2,500.

The declining wholesale energy prices offer a potential opportunity for suppliers to extend fixed deals to the wider market, beyond just existing customers, which has not occurred since September 2022.

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