Britain’s smart meter network saves one million tonnes of carbon annually

The Data Communications Company’s smart meter network is preventing over 1 million tonnes of carbon emissions yearly, equating to the environmental impact of a million cars off the road

Britain’s smart meter network, operated by the Data Communications Company (DCC), is preventing over one million tonnes of carbon emissions annually.

This is equivalent to the environmental benefits of removing a million cars from the road or avoiding the burning of a massive pile of coal taller than the Eiffel Tower, according to the DCC.

More than half of British homes are now connected to the national smart meter network and new research based on government figures highlights energy and carbon savings.

Each household’s contribution of approximately 3% in energy savings, when extended across the DCC’s network of 16 million properties, results in a significant cumulative impact on the energy grid.

These energy savings have the potential to save £770 million collectively for homes and small businesses, taking into account the current energy price cap.

Data Communications Company Chief Operating Officer, Penny Brown said: “The DCC network is transferring the vital data needed to make the most of renewables on our energy grid. At the DCC, our purpose is to make Britain more connected so we can all live smarter, greener lives.”

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