Nearly 67% of Britons unaware gas boilers produce air pollution

Nearly 97% of the UK population is unaware of the proposed start date for the gas boiler phase-out, according to a new survey

Nearly 67% of the British public remains oblivious to the fact that gas boilers are a source of air pollution.

Gas boilers, commonly used for heating and hot water, have been found to contribute significantly to the emission of nitrous oxides (NOx), an air pollutant associated with various respiratory and cardiovascular health issues.

The survey of more than 2,000 people, conducted by Focal Data for the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit also shows that 97% of the UK population is clueless about the commencement of the nation’s targeted gas boiler phase-out.

The research suggests nearly 3% of those surveyed accurately pinpointed the correct phase-out date of 2035 for existing homes.

In addition, almost 49% and 47% of respondents correctly associated gas boilers and hobs with carbon dioxide emissions that contribute to climate change.

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