Call for £400 energy rebate to support struggling households

The government has been urged to reintroduce a £400 energy bill rebate to help UK households cope with rising energy costs and the increased cost of living

The Scottish National Party (SNP) is calling for the UK Government to reintroduce a £400 energy bill rebate.

Energy bills have skyrocketed, with the average cost nearly doubling from 2021 levels.

Recent hikes in standing charges have only exacerbated the problem, adding up to £300 to annual bills.

Energy consultancy Cornwall Insight has issued warnings of further energy bill increases this winter.

A few days ago, Ofgem announced the energy price cap that will stand at £1,923 from 1st October.

Last month, a report by Investec Bank Plc estimated that the average household energy bill would remain at £1,900 per year throughout the third quarter of 2024.

A recent report by the Resolution Foundation indicates that this winter, over a third of households in England, approximately 7.2 million homes, are poised to experience higher energy bills than the previous year, with nearly half of the poorest families affected.

Stephen Flynn, the SNP Westminster Leader, said: “Rishi Sunak and Sir Keir Starmer are hammering household incomes with their reckless support for Brexit, austerity cuts and damaging Westminster policies that have sent the cost of living in the UK soaring.”

A UK Government spokesperson told Energy Live News: “We have been providing unprecedented support to families, with nearly £40 billion to cover around half a typical household’s energy bill last winter.

“Energy prices have fallen significantly since last Autumn and the Energy Price Guarantee will remain in place as a safety net through to April 2024.

“Additional help is also available for the most vulnerable this winter through an increase to the Warm Home Discount, from which we expect over three million households to benefit, which is in addition to the significant welfare and income tax powers the Scottish Government has.

“Last month we also announced hundreds of new oil and gas licences to deliver cleaner homegrown energy for households – developing Scotland’s energy resources while supporting 50,000 jobs.”

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