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Smart meter users earn cash with EDF scheme

The scheme rewards smart meter customers who reduce electricity usage during peak hours, with participants earning an average of £12.56

EDF has reported that nearly 139,000 households have participated in their scheme aimed at smart meter users this winter.

The scheme rewards participants for reducing electricity usage during peak hours.

On average, customers who engaged in all nine events of the programme earned approximately £12.56.

Top performers in the top 5% earned an average of £51.80, with the highest earner obtaining £228.

Additionally, nearly 11,000 prepayment customers participated in the scheme, earning an average of £12.03 each.

The scheme has resulted in over £46,000 being paid out to prepayment meter customers this winter.

Philippe Commaret, Managing Director for Customers at EDF commented: “By installing a smart meter, customers can access a range of benefits, such as better understanding their energy consumption so they can make small changes to reduce their bills and carbon footprint, as well as accessing smart tariffs and demand flexibility schemes to earn them some extra cash.”

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