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National Grid launches platform for transparent DUoS tariffs

National Grid has unveiled an online platform offering customers simplified access to Distribution use of Service tariffs across all its licence areas

National Grid has launched clearviewcharge, an online platform aiming to provide customers with transparent information on Distribution use of Service (DUoS) tariffs across its licence areas.

Developed by National Grid Electricity Distribution, the platform offers insights into DUoS tariffs for both low and high voltage assets, allowing customers to assess potential impacts and make informed decisions.

Customers seeking to connect new assets to the network will be able to understand the potential DUoS charge impact on their projects, aiding in the development of efficient and cost-effective operational strategies.

Additionally, the platform provides data for exporting, enabling customers to conduct detailed modelling for their assets.

Cordi O’Hara, President of National Grid Electricity Distribution commented: “As we accelerate to connect more low carbon technologies to the network which will come with varying high-demand periods, our customers increasingly need to factor in different scenarios of demand to calculate the viability of their assets.

“This new platform will allow them to operate their assets at the most optimised periods to ensure that the network is running smoothly, as well as cutting costs where possible.”

Chris Pateman-Jones, Chairman of ChargeUK commented: “Last year ChargeUK released a report highlighting the importance of earlier communication of the standing charges that electric vehicle charging infrastructure projects will be required to pay once connected, to help the charging networks to make more informed investment decisions and to enable the construction of more projects, sooner.”

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