Amazon becomes ‘largest renewable energy buyer in US’

In total, the multinational has invested in more than 6GW of renewable energy across the US through 54 projects

Building plastic-free future brick-by-brick!

LEGO has unveiled plans to make bricks from recycled plastics

IRENA: ‘Most renewables now cost less than cheapest fossil fuel options’

Concentrating solar power and onshore wind recorded the largest drops in costs last year, according to a new report

Could Big Ben fit in the Hollow Mountain?

Drax plans to build a new underground pumped hydro storage power station at its Cruachan power station in Scotland

Earth to heat up London’s Square Mile!

A heat pump will be installed in the heart of London to draw from the natural warmth of the Earth as well as recycle waste heat from power generation

Hydrogen could rule with an iron fist!

Fossil-free hydrogen was used to create sponge iron as part of an initiative that is forecast to cut nearly 90% of emissions associated with steelmaking

Industry responds to CCC progress report

MPs, trade associations and environmental groups stress that time is running out for realistic climate commitments

CCC warns journey to net zero is far from half-completed

The Climate Change Committee notes the government has been too slow to deliver on its climate promises

New Lords Committee seeks views on Ofgem’s role in net zero goals

Ofgem, which oversees the UK gas and electricity markets, has increasingly been given responsibilities in relation to other areas, particularly the country’s energy supply and decarbonisation

Offshore wind projects ‘must leave nature in a better state than they found it’

Natural England, the government’s adviser for the environment in England has published its new approach to offshore wind development