‘Green revolution’: G7 leaders pledge to halve emissions by 2030 and end all unabated coal ‘as soon as possible’

They have also promised to reach net zero emissions by 2050 and transform the financing of infrastructure projects in developing countries

Government urged to ‘fill in the blanks’ of its ten-point plan

CBI is calling on policymakers to take action to unleash new ‘waves of green investment’

Fast fashion and online shopping fill wardrobes with plastics

Almost half of the clothes listed on fast fashion websites are wholly produced from new petrochemicals, according to a new research

Queensland injects AUD$2bn into green jobs

Northern state plugs more renewable energy projects into the grid and funds more hydrogen opportunities

YouTube alleged to be world’s ‘highest emitting website’

A new study revealed the websites across the net that produce the highest number of carbon emissions, with YouTube topping the list

Water bills forcing customers into hot water

Nearly 41% of customers are worried about money over the next six months, Ofwat new research shows

Enel switches on ‘South America’s largest’ wind farm

The 716MW project, which was built under an investment of €620 million, is the company’s largest wind facility

New global initiative targets methane emissions from energy industry

The project aims to close the gap between observed methane emissions and those reported at the company level

Your mail is fully charged!

Royal Mail has announced a ten-fold increase in its EV fleet

Which city will host UK’s prototype fusion energy plant?

UK Atomic Energy Authority has published a list of sites that will be considered to accommodate the project