Net Hero Podcast – Bring back the mammoth for a net zero future!?

It’s not Jurassic Park but it’s close! Can a Mammoth or Dodo help cut carbon emissions?

‘Government pledges have made will not limit warming to 1.5 degrees’

We spoke to Jim Skea, Chair of Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change who told us that we are not on track to meet our climate targets

MPs address e-waste concerns

The Environmental Audit Committee prepares to address the mounting issue of electronic waste, with MPs investigating the sector’s growth and challenges, including Amazon’s absence from the proceedings

‘Public engagement vital for net zero’

The Association for Decentralised Energy has emphasised the crucial role of public participation in achieving net zero

‘UK’s net zero path narrows’

A new report highlights the narrowing path to achieving net zero by 2050, stressing the importance of accelerated deployment of clean technology

UK plans energy flexibility from EVs and appliances

The UK Government proposes regulations to utilise energy flexibility from EVs and appliances, aiming to enhance grid stability and encourage consumer adoption of smart devices

ESO unveils queue reform for faster grid connections

ESO has revealed plans to streamline connection processes, aiming to halve the queue size and expedite viable projects’ connection dates, potentially in effect by January 2025

Global wind industry achieves record growth

The global wind industry hit a milestone in 2023 with a record installation of 117GW of new capacity, marking its best year ever

Eco feedback in showers may cut tourism water use

University of Surrey researchers trial smart shower tech, reducing shower lengths by up to 25.79% in hotels

Greenwich adopts hybrid solar street lights

The borough’s adoption of solar-powered lighting solutions aims to reduce its environmental impact while also lowering energy costs