Almost 36% of Brits to fly less post-Covid

A new report suggests more than half of people in the UK would prefer to see more investment in greener public transport

Methane emissions ‘could be slashed by 45% this decade to keep temperature rise to 1.5°C’

Governments need to focus their efforts on three sectors, fossil fuels, waste and agriculture, a UN report warns

Australia decides to close 50-year-old coal-fired power station

The site will be converted into an energy hub that will include solar storage systems, grid-scale batteries and a waste-to-energy facility

Plastic bag charge to increase to 10p in all shops in England

The change aims to further reduce the volume of plastic waste generated from the plastic bag sales

Yorkshire Water to develop wetland for low carbon wastewater treatment

The project is designed to filter water naturally from phosphorus

Germany unveils plans for 65% cut in emissions by 2030

Under the new targets, the government aims to bring the country to carbon-neutrality by 2045

‘EVs now cheaper to insure than petrol or diesel cars’

Drivers could save up to £133 if they switch to the cheapest EV premium from the average premium for an internal combustion vehicle

New solvent-based tech ‘could be the key to carbon capture’

A Leeds-based company is exploring different ways to remove and capture greenhouse gases before they reach the atmosphere

Manufacturers ‘call on government to push the petrol and diesel ban back until 2035’

Carmakers have reportedly asked for a more ‘realistic’ phase-out date

Designing a successful, finance-grade, ESG strategy

“Too often the data required to develop and implement ESG and net zero strategies is scattered across various internal systems in the organization”