‘Net zero policy risks making the poor poorer’

A new report from the Institute for Community Studies warns that the government’s current net zero transition policies may worsen poverty levels

Net Hero Podcast – Banking on a greener future

This week I talk to Bankers for Net Zero – are we anyway near getting a finance system to put the planet before profit?

‘Grid errors delay housebuilding’

New research suggests that miscalculations in estimating electricity grid connections for new homes are significantly hindering the housebuilding industry

Octopus Energy’s partnership aims for green steel

Octopus Energy Generation and Salzgitter Group have teamed up to provide 126,000MWh of solar energy yearly, aiming to make German steel production more eco friendly

Energy retrofits for West Suffolk’s older homes

Tenants in West Suffolk benefit from decreased energy costs through energy efficiency upgrades in older properties

Pool goes green: Energy saving lights make a splash

Energy saving LED lighting has been introduced at a leisure centre in Rickmansworth, replacing halogen lights above the pool

NatWest and Cogo launch SME carbon toolkit

NatWest and Cogo have launched a free toolkit to help SMEs meet increasing pressure on climate reporting

Severn Trent faces £2m fine for River Trent pollution incident

An investigation found that the water supplier had inadequate contingency plans, including a major pump being out of action for 52 days

Massive solar park greenlit in Somerset

Innova has been granted planning permission for the North Preston Solar Park in Somerset, expected to power thousands of homes

Recycled food powers UK homes

Last year, Essex provided over 37,000 tonnes of food waste, powering 6,310 homes across the UK for an entire year