‘Almost half of all utility project groundwork puts workers at risk’

A new report says underground pipes and cables are often not properly mapped out before excavation work begins

Ozone-depleting chemical ‘tracked down to Chinese industry’

The Environmental Investigation Agency alleges 18 different companies are using the illegal CFC-11

More than 95% of the world’s population ‘breathe unsafe air daily’

A new report suggests poorest communities are most negatively affected by dangerous air quality

Egypt joins global scheme to end gas flaring

Egypt has joined a global initiative to end the routine flaring of gas at oil production sites. It will join the Zero Routine Flaring by 2030 initiative, which aims to bring together governments, oil companies and development institutions who agree the practice is unsustainable from a resource management and environmental perspective. ‘Associated gas’ is extracted […]

Keystone Pipeline closed after 210k gallon leak

The Keystone Pipeline in the US has been closed after a 210,000-gallon oil leak. Pipeline operator TransCanada said the incident occurred in a sparsely populated area of Marshall County, South Dakota. It was then shut off between Canada’s Alberta and Oklahoma and Illinois in the US. The southern leg of the system, stretching to the […]

Climate change causing coral damage, says UN

Climate change is causing annual bleaching damage to the world’s coral reefs. The UN Environment Programme says the yearly deterioration caused by warming sea water allows no chance for reefs to recover, which can take up to five years. This means it poses a grave threat to what is one of the planet’s most important ecosystems. […]

Could you help fix the offshore wind cable problem?

A competition to help solve one of the problems plaguing the offshore wind industry has been launched. The Carbon Trust’s Offshore Wind Accelerator (OWA) is searching for a new technology that can monitor the condition of wind farms’ subsea cables during installation, a stage in which they are often over-stretched and damaged. Current equipment can’t detect and […]

Cost of natural disasters spiked in 2016

The financial losses caused by natural disasters in 2016 were the worst for four years. According to insurance group Munich Re, a series of devastating earthquakes, floods, storms and wildfires saw global damages rise to $175 billion (£142.3bn). That was two thirds higher than the year before although not quite as high as the losses inflicted […]