SP Energy Networks launches flexibility tender

Starting from November 2023 to October 2025, the network provider aims to acquire 273MW of flexibility

Offshore wind to offer ‘black start’ grid restoration

SP Energy Networks leads a project exploring how offshore wind can provide ‘black start’ restoration services, replacing the use of fossil fuels

East Lothian’s electricity supply boosted by £45m

It is part of a wider £2bn investment plan to make the network more energy efficient

UK sniffs out blackouts and power cuts

SP Energy Networks has “employed” a specially trained sniffer dog to detect faults in its energy infrastructure

SP Energy Networks deploys tech to predict faults on electricity network

A previous trial identified 30 ‘pre-faulting’ circuits, which saved an estimated £60,000 in equipment damage and reduced the amount of time customers were without electricity during repairs

What does energy industry think of Ofgem’s RIIO-ED2 draft determinations?

Will the regulator’s proposals bring brighter and cleaner days for the UK’s grid?

Glasgow supercharges net zero with electricity network upgrade

SP Energy Networks has completed the first phase of a £30m electricity network project

Could renewables restart Britain’s grid in the event of a power outage?

A live trial in Scotland has demonstrated how hydro generators could be used to fire up Britain’s electricity grid

UK readies undersea electricity ‘superhighways’

Ofgem has recognised the “consumer benefit” of two subsea high voltage cables to transport clean energy between Scotland and England

ScottishPower donates power generators to Ukraine

SP Energy Networks has donated 21 power generators and 1,200 meal packs to Ukrainian authorities