Offshore wind to offer ‘black start’ grid restoration

SP Energy Networks leads a project exploring how offshore wind can provide ‘black start’ restoration services, replacing the use of fossil fuels

SP Energy Networks is leading a consortium to launch a project designed to investigate the potential of using offshore wind to provide “black start” restoration services to the electricity grid.

Black start is the process of restoring power in the event of a total or partial shutdown of the electricity transmission system, which has traditionally relied on fossil fuels like coal and gas.

The BLADE project will explore how offshore wind can transform this process and maximise the benefits of green electricity produced in UK waters.

The project will investigate the technology, capabilities and protocols required for offshore wind to deliver these services to the grid.

The BLADE consortium includes Strathclyde University, SHE Transmission and the Carbon Trust.

The project is funded through the Strategic Innovation Fund and supported by UKRI/IUK.

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