Households ‘to be offered £5,000 to ditch gas boilers’

Boris Johnsons is set to announce a 2035 ban on all new gas boilers

Big Zero Report 2022

Households across the UK are reportedly set to secure £5,000 in new government funding to scrap their old gas boilers and install low carbon alternatives.

In the coming days, the government is expected to announce its Heat and Buildings Strategy that will outline actions to reduce emissions from buildings.

These measures will include the deployment of low carbon heating systems.

Boris Johnson is expected to announce a ban on all new gas boilers by 2035 and a scheme that will see homeowners being offered grants to buy heat pumps for their homes.

A BEIS spokesperson said: “We are investing £1.3 billion this year alone to support people install energy efficiency measures, and have consulted on plans to provide funds to support low carbon heating being installed in homes across the UK.

“Over the next 15 years, we will follow the grain of behaviour and set a clear path that sees a gradual move away from fossil fuel boilers, incentivising households to switch to low carbon, more efficient alternatives and working with industry to drive down costs of technologies.”

Greenpeace UK’s Head of Climate Kate Blagojevic said: “While £5,000 grants and a 2035 boiler phase-out date are a decent start, they aren’t ambitious enough to adequately tackle emissions from homes or support low-income households to switch.

“What’s also missing from these reports is any mention of a programme to insulate the UK’s millions of draughty homes. Low carbon heating must go hand in hand with improving energy efficiency, you can’t have one without the other.

“Then it’s up to the Chancellor to deliver the required £12 billion a year in his Spending Review to make cutting emissions from homes a reality. Without these other key elements, the strategy will be like a builder who comes without his tools and simply won’t be up the job.”

The International Energy Agency had previously warned that a ban on new fossil-fuel boilers needs to be introduced globally by 2025 if the world aims to reach net zero by 2050.

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