Cut in energy bills must be prioritised over climate change, MP says

Sir Edward Leigh said people are worried about their “great big bloody heating bills”

A Conservative Member of Parliament (MP) has said people prefer to keep their heating bill down rather than to stop global warming.

Sir Edward Leigh who is MP for Gainsborough, Lincolnshire warned Boris Johnson ‘not to get ahead of public opinion’ and added: “Our voters in Gainsborough which I represent, the 27th most deprived ward in the entire country are not so much worried about the future of the Great Barrier Reef in fifty years’ time, they are worried about their great big bloody heating bills now.

“They are heavily reliant on gas which we have an abundant supply.”

The Tory MP also said that manufacturers and other businesses are worried about handing a competitive advantage to China as more regulations are imposed on them.

The Prime Minister faced criticism in the House of Commons yesterday for failing to secure stricter climate commitments during COP26 in Glasgow.

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