MP slammed council for investing in energy supplier

Andy Carter questioned Warrington Borough Council’s move to invest £52 million in a company that is reportedly struggling to find new investors

A Conservative MP criticised Warrington Borough Council for investing in Together Energy which is reportedly struggling amid the energy crisis.

A few days ago, Sky News reported the company could collapse by the end of January as it was seeking cash injection with no luck until that time.

Speaking in the House of Commons, Andy Carter, MP for Warrington South, said: “Today there are reports in the national newspapers that Together Energy will be the 26th energy company to enter administration.

“That’s particularly relevant for people in Warrington because £52 million of public money has been invested in that loss-making company by Warrington Borough Council. And that has a potentially catastrophic impact on local services, were it to enter administration.

“So can we have a debate in government time on how councils are using public money to invest in private companies and can I again urge the government to launch an enquiry into this gambling practice by local councils.”

ELN has asked Warrington Borough Council and Together Energy to comment and got no response.

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