Good Energy boss warns government over ‘burning deadline’

Nigel Pocklington talked about the need for action to take the pressure of soaring bills off customers

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The boss of Good Energy has warned the government over a “burning deadline” to act on soaring energy prices and household costs.

Nigel Pocklington, Chief Executive Officer at Good Energy said: “To some extent, their burning deadline is the day that the new level of the price cap gets announced.”

Some recent estimates suggest that the price cap could be raised to around £2,000 for the average household from the current £1,277.

Good Energy head said that there should be some concerns about the vulnerable households that will be put into fuel poverty.

Mr Pocklington told the PA news agency: “There’s this odd fact of life around your energy bill. You cannot avoid and yes there’s a bit of difference in consumption between wealthier households and those that are less well off.

“But it’s not huge and therefore it’s a form of strangely regressive taxation in some respects. The duke and the dustman, as they used to say, are paying the same per unit cost.”

A few months ago, Mr Pocklington said Good Energy was 90% hedged for the next 12 months to help limit the firm’s exposure to soaring energy prices and volatility of the market.

A government spokesperson told ELN: “The Energy Price Cap is currently insulating millions of consumers across the UK from high global gas prices.

“We recognise people are facing pressures with the cost of living, which is why we are taking action worth more than £4.2 billion, including the Warm Home Discount and Winter Fuel Payments.”

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