National Grid ESO awards contracts to maximise renewable generation

A total of 15 generating units, including wind farms and battery storage will provide ‘post fault’ services

Big Zero Report 2022

National Grid ESO has awarded contracts to companies operating wind farms and battery storage facilities to reduce constraint costs on a key English/Scottish border in 2023/24.

The deals will see ten firms with 15 power generation units operate constraints management equipment designed to maximise renewable generation on the system and reduce constraint costs across the key B6 English/Scottish border.

But how will it work?

In the event of a fault and when the ESO identifies a constraint on the B6 boundary, the projects respond quickly, within 150 milliseconds and reduce their output.

National Grid ESO estimates this way of managing the risk of rare network faults, could save up to £40 million a year.

Julian Leslie, Head of Networks at National Grid ESO, said: “These services give our control room more flexibility, enabling renewable generation to stay on the system for longer and taking us another step closer to 100% zero carbon operation.”

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