Residents living in ‘back-to-back’ council homes to secure ‘green’ measures

More than a thousand residents are set to benefit from energy efficiency upgrades

British Gas dispute ends with pay deal

Workers accepted an improved pay rise after 43 days of strike action

Leeds to purchase gas for years in advance to combat rising energy costs

Leeds City Council has updated its strategy to safeguard its finances against the skyrocketing energy prices

National Grid consults on green-boost of Yorkshire electricity network

The company aims to create a new link and reinforce the existing network

CO2, an outpatient for Leeds iconic hospital

The St. James’s hospital will receive low carbon heat created by a facility recovering energy from the waste of around 6,000 homes

Leeds City Councillors call on British Gas to withdraw ‘fire and rehire’ plan

Centrica Chief is urged to start meaningful negotiations with workers

Leeds to inject £100m into energy efficient council houses

Measures include ground and air source heat pumps, district heating networks and solar panels

Leeds injects £24m to develop six new district heating networks

The scheme is forecast to save around 950 tonnes of greenhouse gases every year and help tenants save a typical 10% on their energy bills

Leeds revamps public buildings’ efficiency for £1.2m

The emblem of Leeds is a golden owl – which is perhaps why Leeds has seen the wisdom of energy efficiency as this week it announced several huge public buildings in the northern city are getting upgrades to make them more efficient. Leeds City Council has agreed a £1.2 million deal with energy firm E.ON […]