More people find it difficult to afford energy bills, ONS survey finds

Nearly 63% of Britons have lowered the temperature of their boiler to save money on their bills, according to a new report

The number of people struggling to pay their energy bills has increased in recent weeks.

That’s one of the findings of the latest survey by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) which suggests around 43% adults find it “very” or “somewhat difficult” to afford them.

That compares to 37% of people who gave the same answer in the previous period, just a few weeks ago.

The latest poll, which covers the period from 22nd June to 3rd July, also found that 6% of customers reported they were behind on electricity or gas bills.

It had been previously predicted that energy bills could hit more than £3,300 this winter.

Asked about what energy saving actions people had taken in the past year, 63% of the respondents said they had turned down their central heating temperature and almost half had turned down their heating in a specific room when not using it.

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