Chancellor urges Britons to cut their energy consumption

Nadhim Zahawi has blamed the Russian invasion of Ukraine for the energy hikes as Boris Johnson expects “very tough” months ahead

Britons have been urged to cut their energy use after the price cap was raised to a record £3,549 a year.

Chancellor Nadhim Zahawi said: “The reality is that we should all look at our energy consumption. It is a difficult time. There is war on our continent. Very few people anticipated war. Wars happen in far-flung places.

“It is now here with us. We have to remain resilient. My responsibility is to deliver that help.”

Consultancy Cornwall Insight expects energy bills to rise to £5,387 a year from January 2023 and £6,616 from April.

Last week, Mr Zahawi said the government started working on potential measures that could be implemented to help people with rising energy bills and the cost of living.

In an article in the Mail on Sunday, Boris Johnson said: “The months ahead are going to be tough, perhaps very tough. Our energy bills are going to be eye-watering. For many of us, the cost of heating our homes is already frightening.

“And yet I have never been more certain that we will come through this well – and that Britain will emerge stronger and more prosperous the other side.”

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