UK factories to swap gas for green hydrogen in sustainability drive

The parent company of household brands such as Kleenex is partnering with Octopus Energy’s green hydrogen joint venture for two of its UK factories

Kimberly-Clark, the parent company of household brands like Andrex, Kleenex, and Huggies, is teaming up with Octopus Energy Generation’s green hydrogen joint venture HYRO to replace industrial gas boilers with green hydrogen at two of its manufacturing facilities in Wales and Kent, UK.

The project is part of HYRO’s £3 billion joint venture with renewable energy company RES to help industrial businesses embrace green hydrogen and reduce emissions.

The on-site electrolysers will use electricity from renewable sources to create green hydrogen, which will be stored and fed into hydrogen-ready boilers inside the factories, replacing natural gas-fuelled boilers.

This is predicted to reduce thousands of tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions every year for Kimberly-Clark.

The two electrolyser projects will have a combined capacity of 22.5MW and will create heat needed in the manufacturing processes for tissues and toilet paper.

The two projects in Wales and Kent have won places on the government’s shortlist for funding, which will further accelerate the UK’s clean hydrogen economy.

Alex Brierley, Co-Head of Octopus Energy Generation’s fund management team, stated that hydrogen produced from home-grown clean energy like wind and solar can be a winning solution for heavy industries that cannot electrify.

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