Energy intensive businesses urged to seize extra energy bill discounts

Consumer Energy Minister Amanda Solloway has called for eligible businesses to apply for the Energy Bills Discount Scheme before the impending deadline of 25th July

Energy-intensive businesses and heat network operators have just one month to apply for government support, potentially reducing their wholesale energy bills by up to a fifth.

Consumer Energy Minister Amanda Solloway has urged eligible businesses to take immediate action and benefit from the Energy Bills Discount Scheme.

The deadline for applications is 25th July, with discounts applicable until April next year.

This scheme aims to assist industries heavily reliant on energy, like ceramics and textiles, which face intense global competition and cannot raise prices to compensate for increased costs.

Heat network operators must also apply to protect their customers from higher energy bills, failing which they could face fines of up to £5,000.

Minister for Energy Consumers and Affordability Amanda Solloway said: “Today marks one month to go for businesses and heat network operators to apply for support that could cut their energy bills by as much as a fifth – I would urge all of those who haven’t already to set time aside, check they are eligible, and get their details registered.

“Energy prices are falling but we will continue to stand by businesses and do all we can to help and make sure they remain competitive in a challenging market, as we have done over the winter.”

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