ELN at GBN launch: “UK won’t take Chinese money into any national infrastructure project”

Energy Secretary Grant Shapps clarified that any Chinese involvement in the country’s nuclear power sector would be limited to pure financial investment without any connection to technology or management

Energy Secretary Grant Shapps officially launched the Great British Nuclear (GBN) initiative at the Science Museum, with the event attended by Energy Live News.

During the press conference, Shapps answered questions regarding Chinese involvement in the UK’s nuclear power sector and provided insights into the future plans.

Mr Shapps emphasised that the GBN initiative is a key component of the country’s revised energy strategy, aiming to facilitate a rapid expansion of nuclear power at an unprecedented scale and pace.

When asked about Chinese investment or involvement in the UK’s nuclear sector, Shapps clarified that he would not accept any Chinese money for projects related to national infrastructure that involves sharing technologies.

The Energy Secretary highlighted that while there is Chinese investment in EDF’s Sizewell project, it is purely a financial investment without any connection to technology or management.

Grant Shapps stressed the progress being made at the Hinkley Point C nuclear plant, stating, “Actually, having been down there, it’s progressing very well.”

He acknowledged the importance of wind and solar power, but stressed the need for a diverse energy mix, explaining, “When the wind doesn’t blow and the sun doesn’t shine, you’ve got to have another option.”

Mr Shapps emphasised that nuclear power provides a reliable baseload, ensuring energy security and preventing reliance solely on batteries or intermittent renewable sources.

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