‘Abu Dhabi eyes stake in Sizewell C’

The UK government is reportedly seeking Abu Dhabi investors to acquire a substantial stake in the £20 billion Sizewell C nuclear power plant

The UK Government is reportedly in talks with Abu Dhabi investors, including the UAE sovereign wealth fund Mubadala, to secure a significant stake in the Sizewell C nuclear power plant.

This comes in the aftermath of China General Nuclear’s removal from the project due to national security apprehensions, with the UK spending nearly £100 million to buy out the Chinese-owned company’s 20% stake.

As ministers scramble to find investors for the £20 billion power station in Suffolk, concerns have arisen among Conservative MPs regarding the Emirati bid for The Daily and Sunday Telegraph and The Spectator.

The involvement of Abu Dhabi in both ventures has sparked calls for transparency and clarity on potential implications for national interests.

The Times reported that a government source confirmed that Mubadala is being considered among various options, emphasising the need for a balanced and secure approach to secure funding for the critical energy project.

A decision is expected early next year.

Energy Live News has approached the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero for comment.

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