‘Gas bills for UK’s leakiest homes to be higher by almost £1,000 than expected rises’

Homes with an EPC rating of band F fall into this category, new report shows

Some of the most poorly insulated homes across the UK could find themselves paying nearly £1,000 more for the gas they use than more energy efficient households.

That’s according to new analysis by the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU) which suggests homes rated EPC band F are set to have gas bills nearly £968 higher than households rated EPC band C.

Analysts say homes rated band D, the average type of home in the UK will pay £420 more for their gas this winter, compared to an EPC band C home.

It is estimated that wholesale gas costs have added around £2,500 to energy bills during the gas crisis.

In June, the Business Secretary acknowledged that there are challenges in tackling UK’s low insulation levels.

While the level of the new price cap is expected to be announced by Ofgem one day before the August bank holiday weekend, calls for more help for customers are mounting.

The debate about the type of support and how much more help is needed for struggling households has rumbled on after the two Tory leadership hopefuls promised to look at it in September.

In recent weeks, energy experts called on the government to step in before the new Prime Minister enters Number 10 as the cost of living crisis is expected to be more “brutal” than any in living history.

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