Winter energy shortage on the cards?

UK electricity supply will be insufficient to meet demand over ten hours this winter, according to a new report

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The UK could face a shortage of electricity supply this winter.

According to LCP energy consultants, power supplies may fail to meet the demand for ten hours this winter.

They also note the government’s move to keep some coal-fired power stations open in the coming months successfully avoided seeing that number rise to 29 hours.

In its Winter Outlook – Early View report, the national grid operator indicated that there could be some tight periods this winter, “which are most likely to occur in the first half of December”.

However, the National Grid ESO reassured Britons there would be a sufficient available capacity to meet consumer demand.

Analysts had previously warned that the UK could experience blackouts for four days in January, with the government being quick to dismiss this possibility.

Prime Minister Liz Truss had also ruled out energy rationing as part of a “worst case” contingency plan this winter.

A National Grid ESO spokesperson told ELN: “We have published an early view of winter outlook to help the industry prepare for this winter.

“In early autumn we will publish a full winter outlook that will be based on verifiable market data as well as extensive engagement with stakeholders, including system operators in other countries, to ensure our analysis is as robust as possible.”

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