Good Energy launches tariff offering solar-powered homes leading rate

The energy company is offering a new smart export tariff for households with solar panels, paying a rate of 10p per kWh for shared energy

Good Energy has unveiled a new smart export tariff that will offer households with solar panels a leading rate of 10p per kWh for the energy they share.

This new variable export tariff is considered better than the standard tariffs offered under the government’s Smart Export Guarantee scheme.

To qualify for this tariff, homes with solar panels will require a compatible smart meter.

The new tariff means that a typical solar-powered household could receive around £150 per year in payments for their shared energy, in addition to saving approximately £500 annually on their energy bills for the energy they use themselves.

Nigel Pocklington, Chief Executive Officer of Good Energy, said, “People who have solar panels should be getting a good price for their power right now. I want Good Energy to be known as the go-to energy company for all things solar power.

“We’re already one of the biggest solar power payment companies, and now we’ve got a new export tariff that’s one of the best on the market. We’ll be the one-stop-shop for all homeowners who want to generate their solar power to cut bills and kick carbon.”

As a variable tariff, Good Energy will review the pricing on a quarterly basis to ensure that its customers continue to receive a competitive deal based on the going rate.

Minister of State in the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero, Graham Stuart, welcomed this move by Good Energy to offer their customers better value for solar power.

Mr Stuart said: “We want to see more incentives like this across the sector to encourage other households to invest in green energy and help drive this market forward.”

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